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Syrian Refugees

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Syrian Refugees (Outside Syria)

Syrian refugees have fled to various countries in search of safety and stability, with the largest concentrations being in neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. While Turkey remains the largest hosting country with over 4 million refugees, mostly Syrians, Lebanon and Jordan are facing significant challenges in terms of per capita number of refugees. These countries also host other refugees, including Palestinians.

In Jordan, out of the 672,952 registered refugees, 19.5 percent live in camps, mostly in Zaatari and Azraq, while the remaining 542,000 are located in urban areas such as Amman, Irbid, and Al Mafraq. The population is composed of 314,000 adults and 332,000 children, with a growing number of babies born every month. The elderly population makes up 4.1 percent of the refugee population in Jordan.

Despite the efforts of the Jordanian government, the country continues to face economic challenges, with a struggling GDP, low employment growth, and high unemployment rates, particularly among the youth.

The central government debt is also on the rise, reaching over 106 percent of the GDP in 2020. These economic challenges only add to the difficulties of hosting a large refugee population.

At Syrian Refugees, we recognize the complexities of the situation and are committed to providing support and assistance to refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Our mission is to help refugees in these countries meet their most pressing needs and improve their lives, in an environment that can often be challenging.”