At Humanity-Increased, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to humanitarian aid. While many organizations focus only on immediate relief, we commit to a more holistic and sustainable strategy: beginning with emergency response and evolving to ongoing, transformative work.

How do we set ourselves apart?

We eliminate unnecessary costs by cutting out the middleman. Instead of just funneling resources to localized charities, we empower communities directly. This decentralization reduces administrative expenses and places the power of change right where it belongs — in the hands of those we aim to uplift.

A shining example of this approach is our flagship project in Afghanistan, where we are establishing a food pantry designed primarily for the elderly and widows. And here’s the twist: it will be managed by the widows themselves. The local charity’s role? Solely for oversight and monitoring, ensuring the resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Afghanistan’s Journey with Humanity-Increased:

This South and Central Asian nation has weathered decades of turmoil from both human conflict and natural adversities. Such events have taken a significant toll, especially on vulnerable groups like women and children. Humanity-Increased has been actively working in Afghanistan to alleviate these challenges, aiding those affected by drought, conflict, and more.

Lack of food and jobs stands out as a prominent issue in Afghanistan. Acknowledging this, Humanity-Increased is concentrating its efforts on livelihood projects, building homes, and establishing food pantries.

Our support doesn’t just stop there. During the sacred month of Ramadan, we initiate a feeding program, ensuring those in need aren’t left behind. As Eid al-Adha approaches, families can count on us for Qurbani, providing meat to celebrate the occasion. Additionally, we fund several bread bakeries in the region, both creating job opportunities and guaranteeing access to nutritious food.

Our mission with these initiatives? To fortify the resilient spirit of Afghanistan’s inhabitants, aiding them in their endeavor to forge a brighter, more prosperous future. With challenges still looming, Humanity-Increased remains resolutely by their side, journeying towards a better tomorrow together.