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Acceptance of Terms

Your use of Humanity-Increased websites, including related content, electronic communities, products, and services, constitutes your agreement to these Terms of Use. These terms have been created for your protection and ours.


Modification of Terms

We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time. Changes will be posted on our site with the date of the latest revision. Continued use after changes indicates your acceptance of the new terms. Regularly review these terms for updates.


Usage Rights and Permissions

Educational or Non-commercial Use: Materials are available for educational or non-commercial humanitarian purposes, adhering to these Terms.

Logo Usage: For using Humanity-Increased logos or trademarks, obtain written permission by contacting [contact email] with detailed usage plans.
Sales Benefiting Humanity-Increased: Written permission is required for selling goods or services benefiting Humanity-Increased. Contact [contact email] with details and specify the exact charity benefit.

Image Usage: Obtain written permission for using images from our materials by contacting [contact email], providing details about the intended use.

Copyright: Maintain all copyright notices on materials. Materials © Humanity-Increased, Inc. Additional attributions may be required.
Publication: If using materials in publications, provide a copy to Humanity-Increased.

Reputation: Do not use materials in a way that disparages Humanity-Increased or its activities.


Submissions and Conduct

Accurate Information: Provide true, current, and complete information in registration forms and maintain the security of your account.

Usage of Submissions: Submissions to Humanity-Increased are not confidential and may be used commercially without compensation. Ensure your submissions do not infringe on others’ rights and are not unlawful.

Prohibited Actions: Avoid using the materials for harmful activities, unauthorized advertising, or infringing on others’ privacy or rights.


Liabilities and Disclaimers

No Warranties: Materials and services are provided “AS IS” without warranties of any kind.

Indemnification: You are responsible for your use of the materials and agree to defend and indemnify Humanity-Increased from claims arising from your actions.

Limitation of Liability: Humanity-Increased’s liability is limited to the extent permissible by law, and in no event will it be liable for indirect or consequential damages.


Additional Provisions

Purchases: Transactions through the site are with third-party providers and subject to their terms.

Program Availability: References to programs do not imply availability in all regions.

Monitoring and Enforcement: Humanity-Increased may monitor and take action on submissions violating these terms.

Trademark Information: All Humanity-Increased trademarks are registered and protected.

Share Services: Share features are subject to these terms, and third-party sites must comply with content guidelines.


Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Arbitration Agreement: Disputes will be resolved through binding arbitration under the American Arbitration Association’s rules.

Class Action Waiver: No joint or class arbitrations are permitted under these terms.


Mobile Terms and Conditions

Opt-In Services: Opt-in to receive updates and information from Humanity-Increased through mobile texts.

Privacy: We respect your privacy. Review our privacy policy for details.
Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between parties regarding the subject matter and supersedes prior agreements.



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