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Fidyah and Kaffarah


Humanity-Increased Fidiya and Kaffarah Program



Fidiya is an Islamic practice for those who cannot fast during Ramadan due to valid reasons like illness or old age, where fasting may harm their health. Instead of fasting, they provide for someone in need. It’s a way to still participate in the spirit of Ramadan by helping others.

The idea is that if you can’t fast, you compensate by feeding a poor person for each day of fasting missed. The payment amount for Fidiya is usually determined based on the cost of a typical meal in your locality.


Kaffarah comes into play when someone deliberately misses or breaks a fast during Ramadan without a valid reason. To compensate, they have two options: fasting continuously for 60 days or feeding 60 poor people.

This act serves as both a penance for the missed obligation and a means to offer support to those in need. The concept of Kaffarah emphasizes the seriousness of maintaining the fast and the importance of giving back to the community as atonement for transgressions.


Humanity-Increased’s Fidiya program caters to individuals who are unable to fast during Ramadan due to health reasons. Fidiya involves making a substitutionary payment, which in turn is used to support the less fortunate.

The set amount for Fidiya is $12 per day. Over the entire month of Ramadan, which encompasses 30 days of fasting, this amounts to a total of $360. This contribution is utilized to provide meals for those in need. Specifically, each $12 payment can feed a needy person two meals in a single day, ensuring that the spirit of giving and community care central to Ramadan is upheld.


The Kaffarah aspect of Humanity-Increased’s program addresses situations where a fasting individual deliberately breaks their fast. In such instances, the person is required to make up for the broken fast. This involves redoing the fast and also making a compensatory payment.

If an individual is unable to make up the missed fasts, the alternative is to feed 60 needy people for each day of fasting missed. The rate for this is set at $12 per person. To atone for an intentionally broken fast, the primary requirement is to fast for 60 consecutive days. If this is not feasible, the alternative is to feed 60 poor people. In the United States, the cost of an average meal per person is approximately $12. Therefore, the total Kaffarah for each missed or intentionally broken fast would be $720.


At Humanity-Increased, we are committed to aiding individuals in need around the world, whether they are experiencing a sudden emergency or an ongoing crisis. Our approach is rooted in valuing the dignity and unique needs of each individual, and our goal is to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions that enable individuals and families to thrive.