In today’s evolving world, it’s heartbreaking to note that approximately 15,000 children under the age of 5 are lost daily to preventable ailments like diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia. Humanity-Increased’s health programs are intricately designed to combat these challenges head-on. Our core mission lies in championing both child and maternal health. By fostering awareness on health and nutrition, providing essential resources, and initiating interventions to curb prevalent diseases, we aspire to create a world where every child and mother has a fighting chance at a healthy life. Join us in making a difference through our dedicated health programs.


The world around us is a symphony of colors, emotions, and experiences. Yet, for many visually impaired individuals, this symphony remains an unheard melody. Vision-Increased, an initiative by Humanity-Increased, stands as a glimmer of hope in this obscurity. Focused on the restoration of sight through cataract surgery, Vision-Increased is dedicated to changing the life of one individual at a time, pulling them out from the shadows of blindness into the brilliance of sight. By joining hands with our mission, you can be a part of this transformative journey, gifting the gift of vision and rewriting the narrative for someone in darkness.

SMILE-INCREASED: Cleft Surgery Globally

In a world where a smile opens doors to communication and connection, many face a barrier due to cleft conditions. Smile-Increased, a heartfelt initiative by Humanity-Increased, seeks to dismantle this barrier. Focused on providing cleft lip and palate surgeries globally, this program is not just about medical intervention; it’s a venture into restoring confidence, dignity, and joy. Each surgery is a step towards transforming lives, enabling individuals to smile freely and embrace their full potential. By supporting Smile-Increased, you become an integral part of a journey that turns a simple medical procedure into a life-altering gift, bringing smiles to faces and hearts worldwide.

Health-Increased: Emergency Medical Support

Contribute to Humanity-Increased’s Health-Increased program and provide funds for urgent medical interventions. Your support can facilitate surgeries, accident care, and treatments for uncommon health conditions, ensuring that those in dire need receive immediate and essential medical attention. Together, we can make a life-saving difference.