Food and Water

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Food and Water


Humanity-Increased Flagship Program: Empowering Widows, Nourishing Communities

At the heart of our efforts at Humanity-Increased is our flagship program, focusing on establishing and sustaining food pantries in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions.

Widows at the Forefront

Recognizing the resilience and strength of widows, we empower them to take charge. These food pantries are managed and operated by widows, who not only gain a source of livelihood but also play an integral role in supporting their communities.

Supporting Orphans and Widows

Our primary objective is to ensure that the most vulnerable, particularly orphans and widows, have consistent access to nutritious food. These pantries provide free food to ensure that no child or widow goes to bed hungry.

Serving the Broader Community

Understanding the broader needs of these communities, our food pantries also sell food at discounted rates to other members. This approach not only ensures food security but also fosters community cohesion and support.


Local Sourcing, Global Impact

Our commitment goes beyond just providing food; it’s about uplifting entire communities. By negotiating with local food wholesalers, we ensure the purchase of food locally, boosting the local economy and guaranteeing freshness.

Direct Implementation, Greater Efficiency

At Humanity-Increased, we believe in direct action. By overseeing all operations directly, we eliminate the need for partnering with local charities, ensuring transparency, reducing overhead costs, and maximizing the impact of every contribution made to our cause.

Join us in our mission to create a world where everyone has access to food, and where widows are seen not as dependents but as pillars of their communities. Your support can make this vision a reality.


In today’s world, about 828 million people go to bed hungry, while an alarming 703 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water. Such challenges deeply impact their daily lives, from children struggling in school to families grappling with health issues and poverty.

Hunger isn’t just about not having enough to eat; it’s also about the quality of the food. And water isn’t only about thirst; it’s about having safe sources to drink, cook, and clean with. Together, they form the foundation of a community’s health and well-being.

Humanity-Increased is taking a stand against these crises. We firmly believe in locally-led, sustainable solutions. Alongside our initiatives to tackle hunger, we’re working diligently to provide communities with access to clean water. In collaboration with local partners, we’re not only setting up community-owned food and water projects but also driving extensive water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs. This comprehensive approach ensures long-term health, sustainability, and progress for the communities we serve.

Water-Increased: Yemen Solar-Powered Wells

The Water-Increased project introduces solar-powered wells as a sustainable solution to provide safe drinking water in Yemen. These wells not only quench the thirst of communities but also support families and local farmers in irrigating their modest agricultural endeavors. With Yemen’s groundwater levels critically receding, the nation faces an urgent water crisis. To combat this, our wells are designed to reach depths of over 100 meters, ensuring a reliable water source. With consistent maintenance, these wells promise to serve communities for up to 30 years, bolstering Humanity-Increased’s commitment to long-lasting impact. $8500

Water-Increased: Hand Pump Water Well

Your support is instrumental in bringing the hand pump water well to life. This simple yet steadfast solution, under the Water-Increased umbrella, offers communities a reliable source of clean water. Designed for durability, each hand pump promises to serve communities for over 10 years, reinforcing Humanity-Increased’s dedication to sustainable change.$2,500

Water-Increased: Africa Water Well

Lend your support to Humanity-Increased’s Water-Increased project and gift an African community the invaluable asset of the water well. This well is more than just a water source; it’s an enabler for drinking, cooking, and maintaining hygiene. Built to last, the well promises a service life of 30-40 years, ensuring that your contribution creates a legacy of positive change for generations to come. $8000