"It is better for a leader to make a mistake in forgiving than to make it in punishing,"
Prophet Mohammed PBUH


At Humanity-Increased, we believe that true leadership is rooted in our commitment to bringing back the essence of humanity to charity work. Our goal is to create long-lasting and meaningful changes in the lives of those we serve by valuing their dignity, integrity, and unique needs. As leaders, we understand that the work does not end with temporary relief, but must continue to provide sustained support to enable individuals and families to thrive.

We are guided by our core values of compassion, empathy, respect, and excellence, which shape every aspect of our approach. We focus on crisis intervention, food and water, health, work, and education to address the unique needs of our beneficiaries. Our commitment to quality over quantity enables us to provide individualized support, hand-selecting those who are most in need and transforming their lives for the better.

As leaders, we understand that we must lead by example, and this is reflected in our approach to charity work. We are committed to transparency, accountability, and the highest ethical standards, ensuring that we maintain the trust of our donors, partners, and the individuals we serve. Our ultimate goal is to transform the status of the individuals we serve with dignity, love, and a deep sense of responsibility to humanity.

Humanity-Increased Board of Directors

Wariss Abedi

Board Treasurer at Humanity-Increased

Wariss Abedi, residing in Agoura Hills, California, serves as the Board Treasurer for Humanity-Increased. Holding a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and possessing a secret clearance, Wariss blends his technical acumen with financial expertise. As a Software Engineer at Crane Aerospace & Electronics, he is adept at creating advanced solutions for the aerospace and electronics industries. His tenure as a Senior Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman saw him significantly contribute to vital aerospace initiatives, including the software development for the Perseverance rover’s Mars landing. In his role at Humanity-Increased, Wariss is committed to leveraging his skills to support the organization’s fiscal management and further its impactful mission.

Sulaimon Rasuli

Board Secretary at Humanity-Increased

Sulaimon Rasuli, residing in Lathrop, CA, is the esteemed Board Secretary for Humanity-Increased. With a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from California State University, Sacramento, Sulaimon brings a wealth of experience in healthcare advocacy and administration. Sulaimon’s¬†proficiency in communication, medical terminology, and problem-solving, combined with his dedication to humanitarian causes, make him a vital asset to the Humanity-Increased team.

Nadera Shibly

Board Member at Humanity-Increased

Nadera Shibly, residing in Alexandria, VA, is a distinguished Board Member at Humanity-Increased. She brings extensive experience in program management and procurement from her role as Director of Program at Muslim Aid USA. Her expertise in strategic planning and compliance, honed through impactful roles at Islamic Relief USA and Chemonics International, makes her an invaluable asset to the board. Nadera holds a degree in Business Management from Bir Ziet University and is fluent in English, Arabic, and Hebrew, adding a global perspective to her contributions at Humanity-Increased.