Rohingya Refugees Emergency

Refugees Emergency



In the sprawling refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, the Rohingya community faces an ongoing crisis with no foreseeable end. Following the devastating ethnic cleansing in Myanmar in August 2017, over 740,000 Rohingya have sought safety in Bangladesh, joining hundreds of thousands already in refuge. These individuals and families live in precarious conditions, grappling with the challenge of securing basic necessities, chief among them food.

Introducing the Food Pantry Initiative by Humanity-Increased:

To address this critical need, Humanity-Increased is pioneering a sustainable solution: establishing a Food Pantry in Cox’s Bazar. This initiative is designed to provide continuous support to the Rohingya refugees, offering a dignified approach to aid that respects their autonomy and cultural preferences.

Why a Food Pantry?

  • Continuous Support: The Food Pantry will ensure Rohingya refugees have access to essential food supplies all year round, not limited to the month of Ramadan.
  • Dignity in Choice: Allowing individuals to select their own food items affirms their dignity and respects their personal and cultural preferences.
  • Empowerment through Employment: The pantry will be managed by local women, providing crucial employment opportunities and empowering the community.
  • Efficiency and Impact: By working directly with vendors, we ensure that donations are used efficiently, maximizing the impact of every contribution.

This initiative marks a significant step towards providing a sustainable solution for the food security of the Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar. By contributing to the Food Pantry, you’re not just donating; you’re investing in a program that offers continuous, dignified support to those in desperate need.

How Can You Help?

A contribution of just $25 can make a substantial difference in the lives of the Rohingya refugees, helping us to supply a variety of essential food items through the Food Pantry.

“Your support can change lives by providing not only food but also hope and empowerment to the Rohingya community in Cox’s Bazar. Join Humanity-Increased in our mission to deliver aid with dignity and create a lasting impact.

Your generosity can pave the way for a better tomorrow for the Rohingya refugees.”

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