Cleft lip surgery

Cleft lip

What Do We Stand For?

At Humanity-Increased, we are passionately dedicated to transforming lives by prioritizing quality care. We believe that every child deserves the best medical care available. Our goal is to provide free, transformative surgeries for cleft conditions and deliver holistic care. Yet, the need persists. Globally, five billion people, representing two-thirds of our global population, still lack access to safe, affordable surgical care.

Humanity-Increased is committed to surgical excellence, enhancing local capacities, and investing in healthcare infrastructure. We collaborate with local healthcare professionals, systems, and governments, offering training and educational opportunities to bring essential services closer to those in dire need.

Understanding Cleft Conditions

What is a cleft lip and cleft palate, and how prevalent are these conditions? A cleft involves a gap in the mouth that did not close during early pregnancy. These conditions are more common than one might think, with a child born every three minutes worldwide with a cleft — roughly one in every 500 to 750 births. Clefts can vary in visibility, from a noticeable split in the lip to a less apparent opening in the roof of the mouth, known as the palate.

Why do cleft conditions occur, and can they be prevented? Several factors may increase the risk, including genetics, medical history, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental exposures. Research has identified a potential link between smoke inhalation from open fires used in cooking and an increased risk of cleft conditions. We are committed to deepening our understanding of these links.

Impact on Health

Cleft conditions can severely impact a child’s health. Issues can range from feeding difficulties leading to malnutrition, to recurrent ear infections possibly causing hearing loss, and challenges in dental and jaw development. Children with cleft palate may also experience delays in speech and language development and face social challenges, including bullying and isolation.

While corrective surgery is crucial, it represents just one step in a comprehensive care journey that we facilitate for our patients post-operation.

Surgical Intervention

Can cleft lip and cleft palate be repaired? Absolutely. Surgery can gift a child with a cleft condition a new smile. Ideally, a cleft lip is corrected by the age of 3 months, and a cleft palate by the age of 12 to 18 months, with potential additional surgeries during childhood and adolescence.

However, many families in resource-limited settings struggle with early access to surgery due to financial constraints and lack of medical expertise. Humanity-Increased is dedicated to reaching these families early in the child’s life to provide timely surgeries and ongoing care, enhancing their quality of life.

Cost of Surgery

It costs as little as $1,500 to fund a life-changing surgery for a child with a cleft condition, thanks to the voluntary efforts of medical professionals and donations of essential supplies and equipment by our corporate partners. The breakdown of costs includes transportation from home to hospital ($33), cleft lip or palate repair in the hospital ($1253), medication ($82), accommodation for three days ($98), meals for three days ($40), and field team expenses ($150).

Our Global Approach

Every community and country is unique, which is why we work closely with local medical experts and governments to adapt our surgical care models effectively. Our aim is to provide the best possible care everywhere we operate, supported by our adherence to the World Health Organization’s Safe Surgery Saves Lives initiative and our Medical Global Standards.

Additional Reflection on Health and Wellness

In the spirit of promoting wellness and a positive demeanor, it’s important to remember the words from the Hadith, where the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Do not consider any act of kindness as insignificant, even meeting your brother with a cheerful face” (Muslim). This teaching underscores the profound impact of a simple smile, both as a gesture of kindness and as a beneficial practice for one’s own health and happiness.

Giving Levels for Humanity-Increased Stand For?

Full Surgery Sponsorship

Complete Care Package: This level covers the entire cost of one child's cleft surgery including all necessary expenses from transportation to post-operative care. Your contribution ensures a child receives the transformative care they need for a healthier, happier future.


Hospital Surgery Sponsorship

Surgical Procedure: This donation directly funds the surgical repair of a cleft lip or palate for one child in the hospital. This is the core component of the transformative care provided.


Comprehensive Support Package

Field Team Support: This level supports the field team expenses, helping to cover the costs of the medical team's logistics and other on-site necessities during the surgery mission.


Accommodation and Meals

Three-Day Stay: This donation provides for the child's and caregiver's accommodation for three days, along with meals. It ensures that the family stays comfortably during the critical pre and post-surgery period without the burden of additional expenses.


Medication Sponsorship

Post-Operative Care: This level covers all the medications required for one child’s surgery, aiding in pain management and infection prevention after the procedure.


Transportation Sponsorship

Safe Travel: This donation ensures safe travel for one child and their caregiver from their home to the hospital, essential for accessing surgical care without additional financial strain.


Meal Support for Three Days

Nutritional Care: This level provides nutritious meals for the child for three days during their hospital stay, supporting their recovery and overall well-being.


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