Afghanistan floods


Save Lives in Afghanistan’s Flood Crisis:

In the serene mountains of Baghlan province, a tragedy has unfolded that shakes the very foundation of our empathy and shared humanity. Imagine the desperate cries of children as they cling to life atop a mosque’s roof, their small bodies coated in thick mud. Little Arian, only two years old, was one such child, pulled from the raging waters, his eyes wide with confusion and fear.

These children are the face of a devastating flood that has swept through northern Afghanistan, claiming over 300 lives and leaving destruction in its wake. The scenes of despair are heart-wrenching: families torn apart, homes destroyed, and futures uncertain.

In these moments, the words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) resonate deeply: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity. (Al-Tirmidhi)”

Today, you have the power to be that shade for the people of Folo, a village that now mourns more than 100 of its own—mostly innocent women and children. The survivors, enveloped in mud-soaked garments, await our help with hopeful eyes.

How Can You Help?

We urgently need your support to provide emergency relief and rescue operations. Your generosity can bring critical aid: clean water, food, warm clothing, and shelter to those who have lost everything.

“As we pray for the victims and their families, let us also act. Together, we can offer a beacon of hope and humanity in the face of such overwhelming sorrow. Your contribution today can bring immediate relief to those in dire need and help rebuild the shattered lives of our Afghan brothers and sisters.

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