Afghan widows Bread baking project

Bread Project

Afghan Bread Project

$300-sustains it monthly, covering ingredients and wages.

Empowerment Through Baking

In Afghanistan, where the stark reality is that over 70% of the populace faces poverty, the need for sustainable support systems is urgent. Our project empowers widows by providing them with a baking oven, equipment, and a monthly salary, enabling them to support themselves and feed 54 families each month.

Project Costs:

Fixed Costs:

Oven: $300

Setup: $200

Total Fixed Costs: $500

Monthly Costs:

Baking Expenses: $250

Widow’s Salary: $50

How You Can Help

Join us in illuminating lives. Your support can directly fund surgeries, purchase medical supplies, and expand our reach to more communities. Here’s how your contribution can make a difference:

sustains it monthly, covering ingredients and wages.


helps us set up a new baking station.


Your contribution provides more than just food; it offers dignity and a path forward. Donate today and help us expand our impact.


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